Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Days of Bliss...

My days of blissful coexistence are almost over. I love my marijuana. After a hard(or lazy) day's work, thats the only experience i look forward to. When the door to my room is closed and an undisturbed peaceful evening is the forecast of the day, thats when my night begins. Here in calcutta, you can buy a small gram of grass for around 10 bucks(thats Indian Rupees mind you and for those unaware of this currency 1$=43INR). So as you can see, grass comes cheap here. Thats not to say its legal here but just to show that there are more taker's and even more keepers in these parts. I have a more or less standard style of making the stuff:
1. Take apart the leaves till they remain as tiny particles(or at least big enuf to blend with the tobbaco) - This is the most irritating part of the proceedings.
2. Empty the Cig of its contents.
3. Mix the leaves(as in step 1) with the appropriate proportion of tobbaco. (This part requires experience and is the most important step of them all)
4. Take a scissor and cut the mix(as in step 3) into finer particles.
5. Load the whole thing into the empty cig. (This step can be pretty irritating if ure doing this in a running car or a loaded bar(in which case you have to keep an eye out!!)

Next comes the timing part. I generally allow an hour or more for the grass to sink into my system before i allow any external disturbance. External disturbances can fall under the following categories:
1. Folks calling for dinner. This is generally dealt with by an approximate short grunt and a general hazy awcknowledgement that i'll join them as soon as i'm thru with whatever i'm busy with.
2. Calls from girlfriend/s. This is generally dealt with via perfect ignorance. I usually tell them later that the music was too loud to hear the ring on my cell which is both true and false...as long as some element of truth is there :-). The response is generally a sceptical piercing look.
3. Misc calls from other folks that can either be dealt with as in step 2 or by brief short replies or an excuse to go to the loo unless its someone who wants to join in the fun!!

After all that's done with, here's the meat of the story. When ure on grass especially when the stuff is properly made, you'll know the difference with the very first drag. So here i assume i've made the perfect toke(which is most of the time) and have managed to smoke a whole reefer undisturbed. Thats when i need what i need most. Music. Here i digress a bit from the subject so far. There are 5 or 6 bands that i almost always listen to when i'm high:

1. Black Sabbath
2. Judas Priest
3. Iron Maiden
4. Blind Faith
5. Megadeth
6. Metallica (old stuff of cource!!)

When i'm getting stoned alone, i generally enqueue all or a few stuff on winamp and do some other stuff that doesn't take much thinking. This may include:
1. Reading an ebook
2. Playing some game like Tennis or Cricket. (Here again, you have to ensure that the game is one which you can play without putting ur mind into it. This allows ur mind to drift-cause thats the purpose of getting stoned while ur hands keep busy-which is a good way of convincing ur self that ure actually doing something and not wasting time!!).

When i'm toking with a friend, the music forms the background again but this time no games. When you have company and the taste in music is similar, it doesn't take much to imagine that ure the one playing the base or lead or drum or rhythm or even vocals(if u get that high i.e). Some of the folks i get stoned with almost always switch on a porn video(which i don't really prefer when i'm stoned) in which case i generally take a lie on the bed-but not sleeping, mind you for that tends to lessen the high. A tip for you tokers(if you didn't know it already)...always keep plenty of water on hand cause the damn throat has a tendency to go dry on you!! Sometimes, when there are no new porns to watch, a music video does just as well. Thanks to emule here for i have an enviable collection of rare concerts which are a treat to watch. I still have some cousins who drop by once in a while and put up a case to watch war pigs or freebird after they've had a drag or 2.

The rest is pretty much standard. When i'm high, i tend to smoke like hell so i always ensure i have enuf cig's to last the session and when it all ends an hour or so later, my stomach takes over. Thats when i realize i'm hungry like a wolf and thats when i watch out cause i have a tummy like an insurance agent doing too well for comfort.

By the time i go to bed, i've pretty much utilized the whole evening doing absolutely nothing let alone anything productive. This is when i feel grass is a waste, a good waste off cource!! Which brings me to the topic i wanted to come to sooner or later. You would too if you have a lifestyle like mine and you're to end up getting married in another 9 days time. It's a crying shame. Youth should be worth more, don't you think?