Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hell o

As is the norm, been in a haze of weed these days. Watched a lotta stoner movies, Roling Thunder, How high, Half Baked apart from the new discovered Cheech & Chong movies. Been reading about Weed, it's legality in various parts of the world. Meaning to see the newly released DevD. Heard it's perhaps the first authentic Indian Stoner movie!! Right now, the stereo's blaring You & your friend - Dire Straits, a band i haven't listened to much in the last 6-7 yrs or so..Am thinking seriously about giving it all away and gambling on a totally different level of thought. Perhaps i'm a stoned junkie, perhaps a wannabe revolutionary cool guy..but this is my way of introspection, finding out the true meaning of life. Perhaps all of us go through this at some point and deal with it differently. I think i'm gonna start writing more often...

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